Video: Inside Costa Concordia

By Vessels

Newly released video shows the spooky inside of the luxury cruise vessel. It was filmed by Italian Carabinieri police diver last year in September when the vessel was righted onto an undersea man-made platform.

The video guides through shops, corridors and staircase while furniture and possesions are sweeping all over. It ends in the central atrium above the waterline.

Meanwhile, the last, 30th, sponson has already been installed. Now, it is expected the wreck to be refloated in 10 days.

The Chief Executive of Costa Cruises, Michael Thamm, said:

"Following installation of the last sponson, we can start the countdown to refloating and final departure of the wreck. "

The vessel will be floated off the platform, then chains will be placed under the liner to make her more robust. The ship have to be raised by the 30 tanks (fixed to her side) deck by deck. If debris emerge, they will be clean by workers. Costa Concordia will be surrounded by net to stop further falling of debris during her last trip to Genoa.

The Concordia Wreck Removal Project is the largest maritime salvage in history.

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