USCG rescued three men from a distressed fishing vessel off Kodiak

By Accidents

Three people in distress were rescued by the crew of a fishing vessel, along with the assistance of the United States Coast Guard, as their vessel started taking on water off Shelikof Strait, near Kodiak.

The damaged 67-foot fishing vessel Jeanoah is being escorted to the port by the Coast Guard Cutter Roanoke Island.

The master of the fishing vessel Jeanoah sent a distress call, noted by watchastanders in the USCG Sector Anchorage, reporting that his vessel hit a rock and started taking on water, almost 40 nautical miles off Kodiak. In result, a MH-65 Jayhawk helicopter with rescue officers was dispatched by the Sector Anchorage staff of the USCG Kodiak Air Station that received the distress call.

Rescue swimmers along with assistance team of the USCG Cutter Roanoke Island approached the distressed fishing vessel Jeanoah to conduct temporary repairs. Dewatering pumps were delivered to pump out the water, so the salvage boat Katherine can tow Jeanoah into safer waters. As soon as the repairs were made and USCG staff ensured the fishing vessel Jeanoah was seaworthy, the helicopter returned to Kodiak Air Station and the Roanoke Island Cutter began its escort.

The command duty officer, Lt. Mattew Mitchell of the Anchorage Sector at USCG stated:

"It is a very good example of a well executed rescue of the Coast Guard. The expertise by our Jayhawk crew and the Roanoke Island's crew, along with Katherine's crew, are a testament to the matter of proper training and preparation."

According to USCG officials, at the time of the incident, the weather condition was calm. The Jeanoah escort to Kodiak expected to take around 12 - 15 hours.