Hijacked vessel released by pirates

By Piracy

Pirates hijacked a supply vessel off Nigeria's coast, later they gave freedom to the vessel and its 17 crew members, the International Maritime Bureau announced yesterday.
There is no enough details about this attack 2 days ago, the reason for the attack is not clear, there is no information for a ransom payment and the nationality of the sailors on board. It was free in about eleven hours after the time of the initial information about the attack.
“While underway, pirates hijacked a supply vessel and took her 17 crew as hostage,” the IMB informed on its website. “The hijackers released the sailors and ship at 1755 UTC. The sailors and ship are safe.”
2009 deal for freedom for militants in Nigeria's oil-producing Niger Delta area led to a big decline in attacks on the oil industry, however few incidents continue to happen.
There has been a recent activity in piracy off West Africa's coast by criminal gangs attacking fuel cargo and then trying to sell it on the black market.
In Africa, Nigeria is the biggest oil producer.