Underwater Video: Costa Concordia floating

By Accidents

An underwater footage of the refloated Costa Concordia was filmed yesterday. The video shows the cables and chains enfolding the hull of the shipwreck.

Meanwhile, the director of technical operations with Costa Cruises, Franco Porcellacchia, confirmed there were no signs of leaks around Costa Concordia. The Environmental Observatory's director, Maria Sargentini, agreed saying:

"So far we have not recorded incidents of macroscopic turbidity; neither did we see floating elements."

Legambiente, the main environmental group in Italy, and Greenpeace are concerned that the hull of the vessel may not be able to withstand the journey to Genoa. This would cause over 69 million gallons of polluted water (currently inside the Costa Concordia) to spew into the water. The president of Legambiente Tuscany, Angelo Gentili, said:

"The wrecked Concordia will cross the protected Cetacean Sanctuary during a delicate nursing season for sperm and fin whales. We are very worried about the effect spills or debris could have on them. "

Video: by Kate McGarry