Video: Icelandic air rescue team at work

By Curious

A video filmed from the air shows unique footage of a rescue operation by the Icelandic Coast Guard.

The team serves in one of the most dangerous places on earth – North Sea. Their responsibility is the coastal defense of Iceland as well as search and rescue in the area. The origin of the service can be traced back to 1859 when Ornen, a corvette, begin to patrol in the area.

The first purposely built vessel was the Island Falk which became operational in 1906. Formally, the Icelandic Coast Guard was founded ten years later (1926).

Currently, the fleet of the Icelandic Coast Guard consists of 3 OPV (offshore patrol vessels) and a coastal hydrographic and patrol vessel. The Icelandic air rescue team operates two Super Puma helicopters and one Bombardier Dash-8.

Watch the Icelandic air rescue team at work: