Video: Costa Concordia arrives in Genoa

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The most expensive salvage operation in the maritime history so far has successfully completed its next step with Costa Concordia docked into a berth in the industrial port of Voltri (Genoa outskirts). The wrecked cruise liner arrived on Sunday afternoon and she was welcomed with a mournful salute by ships in the port.

Michael Thamm, CEO of Costa Cruises met Nick Sloane onboard the Concordia and personally thanked him.

“I wanted to personally thank Nick Sloane and the whole team for the extraordinary commitment they have always demonstrated throughout the project and wish them good work at the beginning of an important day of complex mooring operations,” he said.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who flew to Genoa to watch the final stages of the salvage, saluted the completion of the operation saying:

“This isn’t a day for showing off or creating a spectacle, but it’s a mark of gratitude from the prime minister for getting something done which everyone said would be impossible.

"We have had a terrible page to turn, but Italy isn’t a country destined for the scrap heap."

Video: Reuters

The next step of demolition and scrapping is expected to take approximately 22 months. Before the start of the works, Costa Concordia is to be searched for the remains of the victim never found – an Indian waiter. Meanwhile, divers are looking in the waters off Giglio.

The dismantling process is expected to cost some €100 (£80) million, which means the overall salvage operation will have cost an estimated €1.5 billion.

Costa Concordia Genoa

Costa Concordia Genoa

Image: Guardian