Video: The Sinking Of The Cruise Ship Oceanos

By Accidents

Oceanos was a cruise ship built in France. She entered service in 1953.

On August 3, 1991, Oceanos was en route from East London towards Durban when she headed into winds of 40 kn and 9-meter swells. The storm worsened in the evening and at approx 7:30 p.m. UTC, the Oceanos suffered a leak in the engine room which caused the vessel to lose her power. Water ingress was reported in the hull. The generator room was flooded forcing the engineers to shut down the generators to avoid short circuit.

No alarm was raised by the crew and passengers found later they had abandoned the ship. The distress signal was sent by Moss Hills, an entertainer aboard. In a mission continued seven hours, all 571 passengers were rescued. On the next day, August 4, the Oceanos rolled over onto her side and sank by the bow at approx 1:30 p.m. UTC.

Here is the video of the last minutes of the sinking of the vessel captured by ABC.