Human remains discovered on Costa Concordia

By Accidents

Human remains have been found in the Costa Concordia's wreck at the port of Genoa by divers. It is possible that the bones belong to the only person still missing since the sinking of the liner, Russel Rebello. 

The search for the last unaccounted victim started on Tuesday after the seabed at Giglio island had been searched and no signs of human remains were found. In a statement, the Italian Civil Protection Department said the remains were discovered on deck 3 and further analysis would confirm if they belong to the Indian waiter Rebello.

According to the authorities, the search operation commenced two days ago on deck 4 and continued towards lower decks. In the operations are engaged the Provincial Scuba Divers of the Genoa Carabinieri, the La Spezia Navy Scuba Divers Operational Group, the Genoa's Guardia di Finanza and the Provincial Fire Fighters. Coordinator of the operation is Admiral Vincenzo Melone, the Maritime Director of Liguria and Commander of the Port of Genoa.

The relatives of Rebello have been informed of the findings but the authorities have not excluded that the remains belong to Maria Grazia Trecarichi. Her body was eventually found in October onboard the wreck.

The Italian Civil Protection Department confirmed the dismantling of Costa Concordia would begin after the wreck was fully searched.

Costa Concordia Genoa