Bremen's port got a New Fire Fighting Ship

By Vessels

Damen Shipyards has recently delivered a new 2406 type Fire Fighting Vessel (FFV) to the town of Bremen, Germany.
VFV with a full length of 23.9 meters and a breadth of 6 meters, the fighting vessel - “Bremen 1” has a draught of 1.2 meters. Three basic engines, 2 CAT C12 type with a capacity of 425 kW every and 1 CAT C18 type with a capacity of 651 kW, secure power for a maximum speed of about 21 knots. As well as, 3 waterjets and a 45 kW single bow thruster ensure the vessel's manoeuvrability. The newbuilding ship is equipped with a huge fire pump, that has a capacity of 14,000 l/min at 10 bar. A 2nd and smaller pump of 1,000 l/min is also located on the ship. When extinguishing fires, the “Bremen 1” vessel uses a mixture of water and foam. The foaming agent is stored in 2, 2,500-litre tanks and may be distributed to all or some of the ship's fire fighting monitors. To the FFV there is also and a gas detection system as well as a self-protection water spray system that will protect the ship in case of heat or fire. Furthermore, the newbuilding fighting vessel is outfitted with a 5.1m-long lifeboat and 2 hydraulic cranes. The ‘”Bremen 1” replaced its 1975-built predecessor. The police authority is going to patrol the port of Bremen and the river Weser with the newbuilding fire fighting vessel.