The largest piece of Shell Prelude FLNG turret shipped

By Curious

The largest piece of Shell Prelude FLNG (Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas) facility's turret has been shipped. According to Shell, the module has set sail from Dubai to South Korea. Currently the facility is under construction at the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in Geoje.

The turret is a part of the Prelude FLNG mooring system. It will run trough the facility's front. To ensure the safe mooring of the facility over the Prelude gas field, the turret will be be connected to giant chains. The system was designed to allow the Prelude FNLG to turn slowly in the wind and with currents thus ensuring its safety during the most powerful cyclones at the area of its service.

The Projects & Technology Director at Shell, Matthias Bichsel, commented:

“Prelude FLNG combines our many years of experience in shipping and in managing complex LNG and offshore projects. It’s great to see our innovative designs and technologies become a reality as we reach significant project milestones like this.”

He adds that the turret has truly global nature because it was designed in Monaco, built in Dubai, shipped for South Korea and will be used off Australia.

Shell hopes that Prelude FLNG will be the first of many such Shell facilities. The first FLNG project will operate for some 25 years in a remote basin around 200 km off the Australian north-west coast. After its first assignment, the facility could be refurbished and transferred to a different field for another 25 years.