New King of Design for an Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly Ship

By Vessels

U.S. has constructed Sauter Carbon Offset Designs (SCOD) - a new kind of design for an environmentally friendly patrol ship for homeland security.
It is going to measure 43 meters length, 12.4 meters beam and 1.5 metres draft. Construction will be handled by Kvichak Marine Industries. The ship is going also to provide extensive surveillance on, over and under the ocean. Kvichak is sending the E Class Sea Eagle catamaran design for reviewing under the U.S. Coast Guard’s Unsolicited Proposal Programme.
The E Class Search and Rescue Sea Eagle with hekiport and underwater ROV (Remote Ocean Vehicle) which is claimed to use less than the half as much petrol to go 10 % faster than the USCG Sentinel Class Fast Response Cutter in use nowadays. At the same time the Sea Eagle’s waterjet vehicle, really dynamic positioning and litlle wave making signature would do far less harm to the marine ecology. Instead of the Sentinel’s 11,500 hp from Tier 2 diesel engines, the Sea Eagle concept uses a total of 5,000 hp from solar hybrid power sources which include MTU Tier 4 diesel vehicles. With less than half the fuel spending of the Sentinel Class FRCs, the Sea Eagle is going to deliver a maximum speed of 32 knots as opposed to 29 knots due to the greater overall efficiency of fast-speed catamarans versus monohulls.