Minimum 6 Dead in a Barge Crash, Still Searching for Missing

By Accidents

The Buenos Aires Herald stated for 6 seafolk on board the sand barge “Río Turbio,” have been confirmed dead after a collision in the early morning this past Saturday with the tugboat vessel of Paraguay “Ava Payagua”. The accident has happened on the Argentine river, Parana de las Palmas.
The sand barge vessel has sank immediately as a result of the incident and 7 of its 8 crew members gone missing.
The 3 officers on board the tugboat have warned been taken into arrest and remained in solitary prison, stated the coast guard commander Sergio Gaetán.
"The people which are under arrest are the captain of the vessel, the “baqueano” (the marine pilot) and the helmsman. The legal followup is going to be presided over by the Zárate-Campana courts,” told Gaetán, that is in charge of the Zárate area.
The officer stated, the tugboat "has been withheld in order to carry out expert studies.”
Names of the confirmed victims are: Ciriaco Rodríguez, Gustavo Caracciolo, Felipe Haroldo Aguirre, Marcelo Osvaldo Córdoba, José Mario de la Fuente Sequeire and Cristian Ariel Marmet.