Burning diving vessel towed off Chalong Harbor to sink

By Accidents

A 25-meter long vessel completely burnt in the early morning of September 12th off Chalong Harbor in Phuket. The diving vessel was berthed in the marina when caught fire aboard at 02:00 local time, soon after that the whole vessel burst into flames.

Firefighters from the local firefighting department were soon on the scene of the incident, however they tried no so much to extinguish the fire on the diving vessel, but to protect other vessels in the marina not to ignite.

According to preliminary report of the firefighting department, the fire on the diving vessel was caused by electrical circuit followed by an explosion of cooking-gas bottle and oxygen cylinders. The strong wind at the time of the incident, made the firefighting on board impossible.

The local police towed the burning vessel out of Chalong Harbor and sank it approximately half a mile off the shore. There are confusing reports on the owner of the diving vessel, however one of those companies must owns her:
Andaman Ocean Safari Co.,
Choke Somboon 15 or

There had to have 3 crew members in general, however, fortunately only one of them had been on board at the time of the incident. It was Burmese, a crew member, resident of the local town who jumped in the water and managed to escape unscathed.

Here is a photo of the burning diving vessel in Phuket's Chalong Harbor

Burning diving vessel towed off Chalong Harbor to sink