Cargo vessel and tug boat collided on the Parana River, 7 people missing

By Accidents

Argentine cargo vessel and a Paraguayan tug boat made a contact and crashed on the Parana River near the northeastern city of Zarate in Argentina on 4 days ago. 7 people were missing after the collision.
"We will continue searching for the seven who went missing overnight because the weather conditions allow it," chief of the search and rescue iniciative, Sergio Gaetan told.
The 7 missing men are all sailors of the Argentine ship, which capsized and sank after the clash.
The catastrophe happened at 4am (1700 AEST) at the 102-kilometre mark of the Parana River, which runs through Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Next they were signaled of the crash, divers rescued a man from the Argentine ship who was with injury.
Gatean told the police that have arrested 3 of the captains of the Paraguayan vessel, out of a total of 12 crew members, while the tug boat will be "subject to judicial inspection."
"The time factor and the conditions of the crash jeopardise chances that the missing will survive, but we are not losing hope," told the police commander Carlos Rios.
Rios informed 16 divers are searching for the missing, but that all of the ship's compartments were flooded. The rescue operation also includes 9 coast guard vessels and a heli.