Update on Flight MH370: Search extends further south

By Accidents

The search for the vanished MH370 extends further south from the previously identified search area. The available data shows the missing Malaysian jet entered the ocean close to long narrow arc of the southern Indian Ocean.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is finalising the new priority search area and 3D images of the Indian Ocean seabed has already been released. The 3D models have been developed from high resolution bathymetric data.

The ATSB said in a bulletin:

“The models show newly discovered sea floor features including remnant submarine volcanoes, ridges up to 300m high and depressions up to 1400m deep.

“The identification of these features will assist in navigation during the underwater search phase.”

Furgo Equator has resupplied in Fremantle and arrived back to the search area on Wednesday. Having completed her work, the Chinese survey vessel Zhu Kezhen departed to China on September 20. Currently, Haixun 01 is docked for repairs at the Fremantle.

Mh370 search are

Image: ATBS

Having been fitted out in Durban (South Africa), Fugro Discovery has commenced return passage to Australia and is expected to arrive on October 2 in Fremantle.

GO Phoenix, a Malaysian-contracted search vessel, was fitted out in Jakarta and departed on Tuesday. It is expected to arrive at the underwater search area on October 1. GO Phoenix will search for about 20 days before heading to Fremantle for resupplying.

Go Phoenix

Image Go Phoenix: GO Marine Group