NATO's navy releases hostages

By Piracy

5 days ago a fully armed Somali pirate group looking for merchant traffic easy to attack in the Arabian Sea was disrupted by the Turkish warship TCG GIRESUN, NATO's counter piracy Task Force flagship. On board the were 14 suspicious people probable pirates and 7 Yemeni hostages of the original crew.
The victorious disruption was the culmination of a sequence of events that begun on the afternoon 5 days ago following information that a chemical tanker had been under attack by a skiff launched from a pirate mother ship.
NATO's counter piracy task force chief dispatched the Turkish warship TCG GIRESUN to look what is going on and while en movement to the area GIRESUN obtained an updated intel from a coalition maritime patrol aircraft of a suspicious ship very close to the place where the attack happened. When arrived, TCG GIRESUN'S helicopter positively identified a suspect Yemeni style dhow and ordered it to stop. The GIRESUN dispatched her boarding team who attempted a compliant boarding and detected on board the mother ship 14 Somali suspected people of piracy and another 7 people from the crew from Yemen who had been hostages.
During other things known to be used by pirates the search by the boarding team ended with discovering of 9 items - AK-47 assault rifles and a lot of bullets as well as 1 RPG launcher and 3 rounds. There was no exit for the pirates and they confessed that they were bandits deployed from the east coast of Somalia the previous week in order to attack ships. Afterward all of the pirate guns were disposed of by the boarding team and the Yemeni crew were given back their ship and allowed to continue on their route.