New try to salvage the sunken ship White Whale

By Accidents

The last try to salvage the tanker White Whale who is under water has started. The tanker sank 11 nautical miles off Umm Al Quwain on 21th October 2011.
Sultan Alwan, the assistant undersecretary for external audit at the Ministry of Environment and Water, told a day ago that salvaging works sad been launched and would take a week to finish.
Previous attempts to salvage the tanker ended with no result but Mr Alwan told he was sure the latest effort would succeed.
"Dubai Ship Building, the company chosen by the ministry to do the salvaging work, is an experienced organization committed to salvage the vessel without any leakages that would make pollution and damage marine life," he informed. "The reason for the earlier delays were just based on the unstable bad weather that brought high waves."
The tanker was transporting several hundred tonnes of fuel when it sank 11 nautical miles off the UAQ coast on October 22.
The vessel is 30 meters under the water.