Swedish media contacts NS Concord

By Curious

The Swedish media Aftonbladet has contacted NS Concord over the radio. The conversation was recorded yesterday and it says:

Aftonbladet: "What are you doing in the Baltic Sea at the moment?"

NS Concord: "We are just drifting around waiting for instructions from our company."

Aftonbladet: "Why are you around, why don't you wait in St. Petersburg, Primor or another port?"

NS Concord: "Please contact our company and ask about it."

Aftonbladet: "Has NS Concord anything to do with a Russian submarine?"

NS Concord: "Contact our technical department, they will explain everything."

Another man's voice breaks into the conversation: "This is the Captain speaking, good evening. My crew-mate has explained everything about our route since October 3 and that we are awaiting instructions. All other questions should be directed to the technical department. You can also find information on our website."

Meanwhile, the owner of the vessel suspected to be a mother ship of a Russian submarine, Novoship, confirmed the information that their vessel headed towards Estonia. The tanker company denied all suspicions and stated that NS Concord is just drifting in the Baltics before loading oil, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

Last received position of NS Concord

NS Concord 

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