Somali boat was blown up by American Navy chopper. 12 people arrested.

By Piracy

American Navy demonstrated their might blowing a Somali pirate boat. Merlin helicopter set fire to fuel tanks that blew out the boat of the water. Pirates saw the coming attack and moved to another vessel right before the attack. After all 12 pirates were arrested by a frigate nearby.
HMS Westminster is boosting security off the East African coast as part of Combined Task Force 150, one of three international naval groups set up to defeat terrorism, tackle piracy and stop the trafficking of people and drugs.
It has carried out three counter-piracy missions in a seven-month tour of duty in the Indian Ocean.
The 4,900-ton vessel, with 185 crew, has played a key role in deterring bandits who prey on merchant ships off the volatile Horn of Africa, seizing hostages and demanding huge ransoms.
According to Navy spokesman Merlin has powerful sensors for identifying weapons and finding suspicious pirates that are hundreds of miles away from Indian Ocean coast.
Ministry of Defense released yesterday photos from successful operation.
HMS Westminster also smashed a band of terrorists last month. They were carrying heroin for £14million. Funds from those packages were supposed to finance groups such as Al Qaeda.
Meanwhile, yesterday European anti-piracy forces attacked Somali mainland. They’ve destroyed pirate boats, fuel tanks and an arms cache. EU Naval Force’s helicopter struck pirate bases near port of Harahheere, 220 miles north of Mogadishu.
The night raid, launched from one of nine European warships patrolling nearby, was designed to ‘make life as difficult for pirates on land as we’re making it at sea’, an EU military official said.
Recently EU agreed to expand anti-piracy missions. Their forces will attack land targets, not only at sea. There were no injured during yesterday’s raid which was without British forces.