Video: Sevan FLNG Offloading with HiLoad

By Vessels

Sevan FLNG is a unique concept for Floating LNG production developed by Sevan Marine, a provider of cylindrical floating production units based in Norway.

The concept has been based on cylindrical hull concept and it was firstly presented for the 11th FLNG Asia Summit (Oct 21-22, 2013 in Seoul).

The hull diameter of Sevan FLNG is 106 m with main deck diameter of 120 m. The elevation of the main deck is 37 m and the elevation of the process deck – 58 m. The area of the process deck is around 13,000 square meters, the utility decks spreads over 5,000 square meters and the main deck is 4,300 square meters.

A video posted on YouTube by HiLoad LNG shows how Sevan FNLG will operate.

Video: Sevan FLNG, Offloading with HiLoad - 4 min