ESPO Award 2014 goes to Port of Koper

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The Slovenia's Port of Koper has received the 2014 ESPO Award. It was presented on November 4 at a special ceremony in Brussels.

The award recognizes the Port of Koper's work in creating a sustainable future for the port and its surroundings. The theme of the awards this year was Innovative Environmental Projects and the winner was chosen among the shortlisted projects from the ports of Rotterdam, Lisbon, Huelva and Marseille.

The Slovenian port won the recognition for its “No Waste, Just Resources!” project. It aims to reduce the amount of waste through encouraging its reuse or reprocessing into environment-friendly materials such as reusing the marine silt as a construction material.

The innovations included in the project are the use of paper mill sludge as an anti-dusting agent. “No Waste, Just Resources!” introduces a heating system which uses recycled wood. It proposed the operation of a separation center for waste and composting plant.

The president of the management board of Port of Koper, Dragimir Matic, dedicated the award to his colleagues:

“We are very proud that Koper has been recognised as the best practice case among European ports regarding environmental issues. In the last ten years we have spent more than 30 million of euro in technics and equipment to reduce the impact of port operations on the everyday lives of the local communities around the port.”

Luka Koper

Image: SloveniaTimes