Video: Last Hijack Interactive- Walkthrough

By Piracy

The award-winning online transmedia experience Last Hijack Interactive is a Submarine Channel production that allows you to explore the hijacking of a vessel in Somalia.

The interactive experience shows both the Somali and the Western perspective on piracy. You have the opportunity to look through the eyes of a Somali pirate, a captain, his wife, a journalist, a security expert and a journalist. You can hear their real stories in video which combines live-action and animation – from the building trough the hijack to the aftermath.

The Last Hijack Interactive- Walkthrough video posted on Vimeo takes you the main features of the project.

Last Hijack Interactive- Walkthrough

The Last Hijack Interactive can be experienced in three different languages (English, Dutch and German) at It is the counterpart of the feature length film Last Hijack.