Pirates threaten to kill people after EU NAVFOR attacks

By Piracy

Next the attacks of EU NAVFOR against land base in Haradhere district of Mudug region, pirates threatened that killing hostages will follow if the attacks continue. EU NAVFOR smashed speedboats and step ladders.
The words were said by Ali Mumin, pirate from a group which freed MV Savina Caylyn (italian flag) for $11.5 million a year ago.
"Yes, they attacked us last night and destroyed two speedboats, and three step-ladders, but there weren't any casualties. We will not allow them to attack us again. Next time our response will be to kill the hostages we hold. We have a lot of hostages so if they want them to live, they will stop these airstrikes," he said, information from a Somali Report.
Another pirate also told that the attacks was a mistake and that the pirates will strike back.
The Europeans are threatened. He said that they have Greek and other hostage from European countries. He told that they a re now weak and will answer with killing hostages. The pirate was so angry.
Ahmed Jimale, an elder in Harardhere informed that pirates are relocating and moving their bases near the beach, near the civilians. If an air strike is targeting the pirates many civilians will suffer too.
Another person said that destroying some boats will not hurt pirates, but will reduce their activity on land.
The EU mission has been started 4 years ago in March. The decision for attacking pirates inland was revealed as a mutual operation between the TFG and Operation Atalanta forces to authorize attacks in coastal regions and internal waters.
Hostages are more valuable alive for that reason typically they are not killed by pirates.
Somali pirates are captured so far over 320 hostages and 21 ships (10 commercial and 11 fishing/dhows) and they are waiting to be released.