Injured Cargo Ship on Course to Townsville, Australia

By Accidents

Based on Australian sources, the cargo carrier - ID Integrity registered in Hong Kong, ran into trouble when the engine suffered a damage near the Great Barrier Reef on Friday night, and ID Integrity is now being towed to port in Townsville.
There were some concerns it might go into the Great Barrier Reef, which could be an environmental disaster for that region.
Namely, ID Integrity has been drifting to the Great Barrier Reef, when a tug boat reached her.
The chief executive officer Simon Meyjes of the Australian Reef, tells similar accidents are happening a lot recently adding that the state andfederal governments need take a notice.
Mr Meyjes also stated that the vessel need to reach Townsville by tomorrow or Wednesday.
The accident is a reminder that the government should take care to keep the reef from the eventual impact of cargo vessel, told the federal Member for Leichhardt in far north Queensland, Warren Entsch.
Before 2 years another bulk carrier - Shen Neng 1 ran aground on the nearly same place, close to Gladstone off central Queensland, which spilt over than 2,5 t. of heavy petrol oil.