Depletion of power and supplies threatens the crew of grounded bulker

By Vessels

The bulk carrier Adamastos, which ran aground in August and was detained in Rio Grande, Brazil, is threatened by depletion of power and supplies, reported Portos e Navios magazine.

The Brazilian magazine reported also that last week the captain of the vessel sent an email to the port authority, which says that the supplies on board are running out and the ship’s power is low.

In August, Adamastos ran aground while going out of the Rio Grande port en route to China loaded with 50 thousand tons of soy beans. After the port authorities refloated the vessel, they made an inspection, which found multiple irregularities – including engine and equipment defects as well as unpaid bills and port charges – over $3 million in total. The authorities of the Rio Grande port then decided the ship to be retained until further notice. Since then, the bulker has been anchored 12 miles away from the port entrance with crew - completely forgotten.

There are 22 crew members from Greece, Georgia, Romania, Ukraine, Egypt, Philippines and Indonesia onboard Adamastos.

The port authorities and Ministry of Labor are working to find solution and help repatriate the ship’s crew. On Tuesday, delegation from the Ministry went on board in order to determine the real situation.

Auctioning of the vessel and/or its 50,000 tons cargo worth $18m is a potential way out of this stalemate.