Second Largest Cocaine Haul for Port of Rotterdam

By Curious

Rotterdam port police has discovered some 3,000 kilos of cocaine hidden in a container. The street value of the haul has been estimated to over € 120 million ($149 million).

According to a release by the Dutch Public Prosecution Department (Openbaar Ministerie), the drugs were caught on November 28 in a container with cassava root which came from Costa Rica. The quantity was separated in 3,003 bags, each weighing 3,500 kilos.

The second largest ever haul in the port of Rotterdam have already been destroyed.

An investigation into the case have been launched by the HARC Team Rotterdam (a partnership between Customs, Seaport Police and FIOD). It will be coordinated with the Dutch Public Prosecution.

The largest drug catch in Rotterdam was in 2005 when in huge reels were found hidden over 4,200 kilos of cocaine.


Image: Ministerie