Crew stranded on a sinking ship in Dnepropetrovsk

By Vessels

Twelve Ukrainian sailors have been stranded for a second week onboard their sinking vessel Lime.

The story with the sailors began eight months ago, reports The 12 men were contacted by M & P LIME SHIPPING LTD. According to the story of the crew, they were told that their vessel was being prepared. Not to be idle, the sailors were once asked to go to Turkey on another vessel, the Lime, to pick up construction materials.

A month later the story repeated exactly. The crew received the promise to be paid well and sailed again. Nothing changed for eight months. The unpaid crew lost patience and threatened the employer to strike. In response, the owner asked to deliver the goods to the port of Dnepropetrovsk and promised to fully pay.

The Moldova-flagged Lime reached Dnieper about two weeks ago, but ran aground despite the trained pilot taken on board. The vessel sustained a hole with length of 5 meters and a width of 80 cm and started to take in water. The crew managed to control the water ingress and the vessel reached Dnepropetrovsk where it anchored. According to the crew, the owner accused them of damaging the ship and the cargo and that their money will be written off on account of repairs. They say that they have no money, the ship is running out of supplies and power.

A spokesman with the owner said to that they had offered the crew to take the vessel to Kherson for repairs and they promised to pay the crew.