One more smuggler ship abandoned on Zakynthos

By Vessels

On the 1st of December, 2014, the Amaranthus was found by a West Coast Patrol crew, abandoned in the bay of Pоrto Vrоmi in Anafonitria on Zakynthos.

Once aboard the ship, they discovered a vast amount of boxes of cigarettes, which had taken up around half of the holds. After a thorough inspection of the ship’s documents officials found out that the ship was being both mentioned as Amaranthus and as Isik 2 with Moldovan flag which was actually still visible on the hull even though it had been partially erased. A list containing names of crew members, believed to be from Ukraine, was found and the police was asked to step in and help out with the identification process.

All measures to secure the ship from sinking were taken and the fire department alerted to pump out the sea water which had gone into the cargo hold. A fire department crew managed to put a cement seal on the hull which had been damaged by the rocks. Due to the adverse weather conditions the towing of the ship was deemed not possible at the moment. The transfer to the harbor was set on plan for the afternoon of December 2nd if permitted by weather conditions.

Image: C. Georgiadis - B. Konstantidiou