Prosecutors present to court new video allegedly showing Schettino abandoning Concordia

By Curious

A new video allegedly showing Captain Schettino waiting to board a lifeboat on the night of Costa Concordia disaster has been presented in the court during the manslaughter trial against him in Grossetto.

According to the prosecutors, the footage was captured by the Italian Fire Service as the cruise ship sank along Giglio's shore and it shows a man wearing a suit and tie who is standing next to a lifeboat as passengers are rushing down.

According to the claims of Schettino, he found himself in a lifeboat after he fell from the ill-fated liner as she rolled on her side.

Earlier, Concordia midshipman Stefano Iannelli testified that the former captain had jumped on a lifeboat and had safely made his way to shore.

"As soon as the launch left, the ship collapsed on its side and the deck where we were was submerged," he said in the court.

Here is the video:

Meanwhile, during the trial, Schettino threw the guilt on his former crew calling their behavior childish as they were acting like students on a school trip during the accident. According his testimony, Schettino maintained that the delay of alarm was intentional.

"I wanted to bring the ship as close as possible to the island," he said.

The reason behind his decision was that an early alarm would have caused "people to jump" off Costa Concordia as she was still in deep water.

If found guilty, Schettino could spend up to 20 years in jail.