Shell Places Order For LNG Bunker Ship

By Vessels

STX Offshore & Shipbuilding has been contracted by Shell to build a bunker vessel specially designed to serve ships that are powered by the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The plan is to base the bunker ship in the port of Rotterdam where it will be able to make full use of the LNG breakbulk terminal and jetty to be built by the Gas Access to Europe (Gate).

The bunker vessel will have the capacity to carry 6, 500 m3 of liquefied natural gas and thanks to its innovative transfer system it will be able to use large as well as small LNG terminals.

Martin Wetselaar, Executive Vice President of Shell Integrated Gas said that this ship for LNG is definitely a positive and provides potential customers with the assurance they want that their LNG supplies are reliable and can be delivered in a safely manner. This confident move on Shell’s behalf of investing in this ship plus the commitment of buying capacity at the Gate terminal, demonstrates a fair share of confidence in the increasing role of LNG in the fuel business.

LNG is an innovative, really competitive and maybe most importantly a far eco-friendly fuel for shipping. It can greatly contribute to the reduction process of sulfur emissions, particulates and nitrogen oxides which is not the case when talking about conventional marine fuels. The future development of LNG in field of fuel options depends to a certain degree on the availability of a proper infrastructure and a swift distribution network.