Italo-American Companies Outline Removing Plan of Costa Concordia

By Cruise

The collaboration between the American and Italan companies - Titan-Micoperi has showed its plan to obviate the sunk cruise liner Costa Concordia from the coast of the Isle of Giglio, close to Italy.
According to a conference wanted by the commissioner, the appropriate authorities secured the required permits, the work is going to begin in some days and is being expected to last not more than one year.
Titan Salvage, which is part of the Crowley Group, is an American-owned specialist in naval salvage and removing of vessels' remains company and is a worldwide leader in that area.
The other company - Micoperi is a well-known Italian naval contractor, which is specialized in underwater construction and marine engineering.
The main plan for refloating Costa Concordia is to refloat the hull in a piece which will give top priority to minimize the impact over the environment, protect Giglio’s economy and tourism industry, and maximize the safety.
One of the most important they need to observe is environmental protection, that is going to have top priority throughout the huge rescue operation, the likes of which has not been tried before nowhere all over the world. Once after removing the cruise, the sea floor is going to be cleaned and marine flora is going to be replanted.
The plan is also including activities to safeguard Isola del Giglio’s tourism industry and wider economy, that the government needs desperately.
Salvage workmen' presence is not going to have a considerable effect on the availability of hotel accommodations for the season of the summer in the island.
The base for operating is going to be situated on the mainland near Piombino, where the equipment and materials are going to be stored, avoiding effect on the port activities of the island.
Once floated, the remains of the cruise liner is going to be towed to a close Italian port and is going to be dealt with in accordance with the requirements of Italian naval authorities.