Boater found safe off Hawaii after being at sea for 12 days

By Accidents

Missing at sea for 12 days, Ron Ingraham (67-year-old), was found injured and now is on his way to shore.

On Tuesday, a Navy ship reached the distressed boater 64 nm south of Honolulu. He was dehydrated, hungry and very weak. The 67-year-old man was aboard a cutter that was towing his 25-foot vessel to Molokai, the Hawaii island, the Coast Guard said on Wednesday.

Since Thanksgiving, when the Coast Guard received his mayday call, which reported flooding on his boat, they had searched for him. He was heard to say in an audio clip of the call that his vessel might sink 50 miles west from Kailua-Kona.

Initially, the search was stopped on December 1 but it was resumed upon his second mayday call received on Tuesday. Mr. Ingram was reached by the crew of a guided-missile destroyer, which was nearby, and was provided with food and fresh water.

Video Boater Found After Missing for 12 Days

Source&Video: AP