Engine room fire kills three onboard cruise ship

By Accidents

Oceania Cruises cruise ship has had three people killed by wounds suffered as a result of engine room fire. The fire burst out on Thursday morning onboard the MS Insignia, while docked at Port Castries in St. Lucia. The first reports commented that three people were being helped at a local hospital. A later announcement from Oceania Cruises provided new information about the decease of three persons-one crewmember and two contractors. The three had died from their wounds and two other were hurt.

Cruise Critic provided the release from Oceania Cruises which read that the five people, doing their job, were moved to a hospital. The company was sorry to learn that three of them did not remain alive and sent their condolences to the relatives. No announcements of passengers’ injuries were released and the fire was said to be confined to the engine room.

The Insignia was having a 10-night cruise that started from San Juan on the 7th of December and was planned to arrive in Miami on the 17th of December. According to Oceania Cruises, the rest of the journey had been cancelled. The 30,277 ton Insignia was constructed in 1998 and had rooms for 684 passengers and 400 crew. The ship had recently ended a $50 million refurbishment this spring.

Miami-headquartered Oceania Cruises is now an affiliate of Norwegian Cruise Lines Holdings Ltd. after NCL gained Oceania’s previous mother company, Prestige Cruises International, for $3 billion in September.