Near-total alcohol ban for Canadian navy seafarers

By Curious

A near-total ban was imposed by Canada’s navy on sailors from drinking while out at sea.

Up till now drinking while off duty was permitted to sailors but going forward they will only be allowed to do so on special occasions at their captain’s discretion.

This new restriction is a direct result from the incidents that took place on a warship that had to be recalled due to its allegedly drunk crew members.

Canada is not the first to impose such measures. The U.S.A., Britain and New Zealand have all integrated rules of this kind.

All beer vending machines are to be removed from warships and alcohol prices will be raised in bars on the vessels.

Mark Norman, Royal Canadian Navy Commander vice-admiral, commented in front of journalists that a couple of suspicious incidents regarding intoxicated sailors have led to this decision.

“This measure is the product of a big concern we have cultivated over the years regarding a growing number of misconduct cases across the navy,” he said.

Back in July, Commander Norman gave out and order for the warship HMCS Whitehorse to return back to Canada from an exercise drill in the US.

 HMCS Whitehorse

Three seafarers were accused of sexual misconduct, shoplifting and being under the influence of alcohol while the vessel was in port.