Stevenson Lifeboat sinks south of Vancouver

By Accidents

Fourteen people were rescued on 11th December as Steveston Lifeboat, operated currently by a local Canadian artist John Horton, crashed into a barrier during a windstorm near Steveston, B.C., south of Vancouver.

By 7:30 p.m. a mayday signal alarmed the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue authority (RCMSR) about a crisis situation. The information issued in the call said that after a crash a large hole appeared onto the Steveston Lifeboat and the water started to rush in aggressively. At the time of the accident, the vessel was in training to save others in a similar situation

Five members of the crew managed to escape the sinking boat as they put themselves into a dingy and later on were picked by Canadian Coast Guard hovercraft. The rest of the crew, another nine men, were saved by an RCMSR volunteer team. They have arrived on spot in an inflatable boat in minutes after the signal was received by the coast guard.

Currently the Canadian coast guard is trying to minimize the damages caused to environment by the shipwrecked vessel, which remains in sea yet. There also has been sent an investigator by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, who has to determine the cause of the crash.

Credits: Paul Dupre/Western Maritime Surveyors