Top 5 Somali pirate movies that you must watch

By Piracy

In many cases inspiration is translated on the big screen from real-life events. The problem of Somali pirates scavenging the waters of Africa, the Indian ocean and its surrounding arms extending to the Mid-east has proved to be a powerful inspiration source for numerous Hollywood dramas. Each movie captures and gives us its own take on the problematic nature of the maritime zone that has caused a lot of sleeping trouble for the entire shipping domain.

Most of these movies regarding Somali pirates are based on real-life incidents that have unfortunately taken affected people’s lives. In some of them, real-life characters even acted their part within it. Both of these aspects combined account for a powerful impact that such movies have on people due to the relevance as well as the significance of the problem.

The top five of extremely powerful Somali pirate movies is as follows :

Captain Phillips: The movie focuses on the traumatic experience endured by seafarer Richard Philips, captain of the captured US freight vessel Maersk Alabama. Tom Hanks makes yet again another performance for the ages as he fully transforms himself into his character. The movie is based on Richard Philips’ book – A Captain’s Duty.

Captain Phillips movie

Scene from Captain Phillips movie

A Hijacking: This is Danish movie that was released back in 2012. It’s generally centered around the hijacking of a Danish freight ship by Somali Pirates. The director of the movie exploits to the fullest the drama motives of the negotiations between the pirates and the shipping conglomerate’s owner.

Stolen Seas: This one was also released in 2012, but it focuses on a completely different aspect of the Somali piracy problem. The plot of the movie tends to outline the sad plight of the crew members of a Danish freight vessel that was captured by Somali pirates. The Somali pirates’ translator is faced by confusion and pathos as he gets caught up in his own misfits which also adds another dimension to the screenplay. This is simply a movie you have to watch if you are interested in sea pirates.

The Project: This is more of a documentary with a bit of a drama twist to it. Created by US journalist Adam Ciralsky it focuses around a special squad that has one objective and one objective only – rescue missions in cases of Somali pirate attacks. It represents vividly the growing concerns caused by the Somali pirates’ infestation of the sea waters of Africa and demonstrates the necessary measures in order to solve the problem. The movie was generally praised by movie critics.

Fishing without nets

Scene from Fishing without Nets

Fishing without Nets: Let’s start off by saying that the short version of this particular movie won quite a few awards in numerous international film festivals, that included ‘Grand Jury Award’ in the premier ‘Sundance Film Festival’ in 2012. Unlike other movies focusing on sea piracy, this particular one shows us the pirates’ point of view on things. The plot masterfully lets us into the world of Somali fisher-folk who pushed on by poverty have no other choice but to turn to sea piracy in order to make a living.