MSC ranked first in speed of response for container bookings from the States

By Curious

INTTRA's Ocean Carrier Booking Responsiveness Analysis, done in October 2014, announced Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) to be the leader in container booking responses from the US. The first of a kind analysis serves as a benchmark for carrier companies and is used to show the time they need to respond to on-line container booking orders.

MSC is recognized as one of the world's largest shipping companies, which operates on 380 ports, covering six continents. As such, the company fully understands the importance of online services and how crucial the response time is for their customers. In a press release Claudio Bozzo, Chief Operating Officer of MSC expressed company's main aim - to deliver first class transport services worldwide and on-line activities enable them to work more efficiently and better than ever.

MSC's strategy fully complies with the needs of American business. Being one of the largest exporter of goods with revenue of more that $1.6 trillion in exports just for last year, US companies need a carrier which may ensure prompt and efficient transport services. And while many other container carriers rely on phone and fax machines to communicate with their customers, MSC found a niche in on-line services and managed to worked it out efficiently enough to be in the top ratings for fast responses to customers' on-line container bookings, which leads both time and cost saving and brings mutual benefits for the customers and their transport provider.

For its innovative vision and work with customers MSC was congratulated personally by Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing Officer, INTTRA.

The other winners are:

INTTRA's Ocean Carrier Booking Responsiveness Analysis