Pirettes: the Female Mark in the World of Pirates - Part 4

By Curious

The last part of the Female Mark in the World of Piratse meets you with Ching Shih and Sadie the Goat. 

Ching Shih

China has its own track in woman pirate’s history, a very impressive one. Shi Xiang Gu was with humble origins and used to work as a prostitute till she was captured by pirates. And then her life changed dramatically as she married in 1801 the most fearful pirate of that time Zheng Yi (a.k.a. Cheng I),whose family had a long history in crimes. Yi’s fleet was said to be enormous, the count of ships was about 300 and they were served by 20000 to 40000 men. But this empire was put at risk when its leader died.

To keep her husband inheritance together Gu, which will be none as Ching Shih form then on, claimed it soon and took the leader’s place. As the fleet was so big, she needed help to rule it. In these hard times she counted on Yi’s adopted son. They became a strong team which managed to develop a pirate’s army of 1800 ships and 80000 men. To keep this empire strong and together Ching set up her own government and law system, as well as she made her people pay taxes. And no one dared to step over her rules, because that would lead to a death sentence. Her dreadful fame made her name recognizable even far away in Great Britain.

Ching Shih

But pirate’s life could not last forever and Ching Shih found a smart way both to take an advantage of the amnesty, offered by that time and to keep her dignity. To be a free person all she had to do is to knee before government authorities, but this would mean she surrendered. Therefore Ching decided to marry Yi’s adopted son, her best mate. Both of them, escorted by many women and children entered the government official’s office and asked to be married. Soon after the ceremony was over, both Ching and her new husband knelt before the authority’s representative as a grateful gesture. The smart lady-pirate retired and lived peacefully. She died at the aged of 69 and nowadays is considered as one of the most successful pirate of all times, between both men and women.

Sadie the Goat

Sadie the goatThe last lady, who earned the pirate’s title, lived in 19th century in New York City. Her name was Sadie Farrell, known also as Sadie the Goat. The untypical nick-name was due to the dreadful reputation of its owner. Sadie was famous for being extremely cruel to the victims of her larcenies.

This fearful woman was forced to hire a crew and leave Manhattan after she lost both a fight and an ear by another female criminal Gallus Mag.

Sadie stole a ship and started a pirate’s life, with her crew. They were stealing and kidnapping along the banks of rivers Hudson and Harlem. But on board Sadie was not so fearful and people soon started to fight back at her, so once again she was forced to run and look for haven.

Sadie returned back to Manhattan were she made peace with Gallus Mag, which showed her good will by returning Sadie’s bitten ear.The dismembered ear was kept safe in a locket and worn by Sadie as a dear jewelry till the day she died.

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