End of Rena Salvage forecasted for March

By Accidents

Rena's wreck salvage operation still may not be determinated for how long it will last as the weather conditions are the main variable, which affects its duration. Despite that specialists working there scheduled the end of the works by March 2015.

The current status of the mission was reprorted by Keith Frentz, of Beca consultants, to the city council yesterday. He informed them that an incredible improvement had been achieved untill that moment with the help of a giant magnet and a remote-controlled grab, which had given the divers possibility to continue a three-phase operation of cleaning the wreck spot up to 35 meter debth. From that debth, the divers managed to manually clean the seabed and remove from there objects like crashed aluminium ingots.

But still stays open the question of Rena's load. There is still no clarity what was the content of the conainers which were transported, though there was distinction made between contaminating and toxic materials and stated that there were no toxic materials in the containers.

In the light of this information, Mr Frentz reminded that still there were 243 containers left onboard of the vessel and other 32 were driven away and layed on the seabottom, as just two of them managed to fall deeper than 50m. Among all of the containeres, there was one with fine copper wire, which investigators still try to locate.

Mr Frentz admited also, that not only weather conditions, but the gravity press the salvation operation, too. The Rena's bow and stern sections are expected to separate under the force of the gravity eventually. As a consequence the stern may sink below 70 m debt.

From the two sections which total weight is estimated to 1100 tonnes, 490 tonnes of debris have already been removed this year.