Pallas Will Launch New Ship Concepts

By Vessels

Shipping has created a new ship concepts in the form of an oil tanker which is designed according to the latest environmental and safety requirements.
The vessels, that has a cargo capacity of about 1700 tons are designed to serve as a bunkering ship that place high demands on maneuverability, safety and all necessary technical standars.
Stipulation is now a main shipyard for the construction of this ship and the firm now works to find proper financing for this project.
There are, a few of the unique properties of the ship is going to be equipped with:
- Water-lubricated and cooled propeller sleeves
- Two major engines and 2 rudders for security and maneuverability
- The vessel's engines will be driven out of low-sulfur emission diesel
- The tanker is equipped with a facility for the treatment of ballast water
- Mixing pump on its board to mix different quality of fuel products in tankers
- Equipped with the market´s most fuel-efficient engines
- The noise level in the ship must fall under the thresholds of 50%
- The entire ship is galvanized for minimum future support and minimal consumption of paint
- The ship is painted with environmentally approved antifouling
"We can see this as future petrol tankers and we are sure that revenue mass for such a ship are significantly higher than for a standard tanker, the oil firms are now focusing really much on environmetally friendly way to transport their products".