Seychelles Court Frees from Charge Somali Pirates Believed to be Guilty

By Piracy

Three Somalis, charged with piracy, have been released by the Seychelles Court of Appeal with the court demanding their repatriation, according to Seychelles News Agency.

The verdict overthrew a past decision by the Supreme Court because of a shortage of proof to establish the validity that the mentioned individuals were pirates. The Agency reported that all of the accused were appealing - two of them against their 21 year court judgement and the third one - a young person at the age of 16, against his 14 year sentence.

The three men were arrested in January 2012 by a EU marine vessel near the Horn of Africa and they were part of a group of 25 pirates believed to be guilty. During the course of the operation the vessel made the pirate group set free an Indian dhow with 15 Indian sailors that were held as hostages.

The EU has concluded a transfer agreement with the Republic of Seychelles in December 2009 whose purpose was the struggle against piracy. Ever since, the Seychelles have undertaken a great role in carrying out a legal end against pirates in the region. The region is enormously inflicted by piracy in the regional waters. On the ground of October data from the Seychelles Prison Service, an overall of 41 Somali pirates were still being kept at the Seychelles Prison at Montagne Posee, 25 pirates being already judged by the court and the other 16 still waiting for a trial.