ABS awarded an approval in principle (AIP) to Korea Maritime Consultants Co., Ltd. (KOMAC) for an innovative design of an ammonia-fueled container ship.  

ABS Issues AIP for New Ammonia-Fueled Container Ship
Photo Caption: (left to right) Han-Chae Park, KOMAC Chief Marketing Officer; Jun-Keun Choi, KOMAC General Manager; Seong-Hun Kim, ABS Korea Business Development Director; Darren Leskoski, ABS Regional Business Development Vice President; Young-Kun Kang, KOMAC Chief Technical Officer; Sung-Ryong Lee, KOMAC Chief Information Officer; and Myong-Ho Jo, ABS Korea Business Development Manager

The 3,600-TEU vessel is a design from KOMAC to address what they forecast as an increase in market need for small-scale, ammonia-fueled vessels.

Given the challenging characteristics of ammonia, ABS conducted a comprehensive review and participated in the risk assessment of the ammonia fuel system in the AIP process to address safety and reliability.

“Ammonia offers both significant potential to contribute to shipping’s emissions reduction challenge and significant challenge due to its toxic properties. ABS is leading the industry in developing solutions to this safety challenge and supporting first movers like Komac to take advantage of ammonia’s zero-carbon potential,” said Panos Koutsourakis, ABS Vice President, Global Sustainability.

Lee Sung-Ryong, Head of KOMAC's think tank, said, “KOMAC offers Korea's best engineering and technology services for shipbuilding. By providing these services to international and domestic small and medium-sized shipyards, we are supporting the revitalization of these important facilities.”

ABS offers industry-leading services and solutions for vessel owners looking at alternative fuel options, including ammonia.