Operation Ghost Ship Captures Six in Italy

By Curious

Six people have been seized by the financial police in Italy called Italy’s Guardia di Finanza. They were charged with the crime of depriving the state from millions of euros using an invalid document for refueling a submerged tanker on Monday. Three of them were captured for their participation in the conspiracy.

11 million liters of oil were contracted for by Italian businessmen. They provided that quantity for a Sicily military base’s tanker that was sunk in 2013. AFP stated that the accused paid more than 7.0 million euros to the Public revenues department to compensate for the oil. That oil was contracted by the navy officers and one even affirmed the value of the product for the doomed ship named Victory 1.

The real ship sank on September 22, 2013, in the Atlantic Ocean with some crew members still not found.

According to a police announcement, court order had demanded the collection of the money. At the same time, operation “Ghost Ship” included incursions executed both at the homes and offices of the culprits.