Iranian warships saved Iranian tankers from pirate attack

By Piracy

Iranian Navy has prevented pirate attacks on 2 Iranian owned oil tankers in 2 different areas. 1st clash happened off the coast of Oman and the 2nd one in the Gulf of Aden.
According to an information by the Public Relations Department of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy on 4 days ago, the 1st Iranian ship came under assault earlier this week near Port Sultan Qaboos, which is near to Muscat on Oman's northeastern coast in the Gulf of Oman off the Arabian Sea.
The Iranian warships guarding the region rushed to help the vessel upon receiving its distress call, which informed an unauthorized boarding try by several people.
No damage were reported among the crews of the Iranian ships.
Another attack to an Iranian oil tanker took place in the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia in the Horn of Africa, but the pirates run away.
Iran's Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Ali Akbar Marzban, told a week ago that the Iranian Navy has made at least 85 anti-piracy missions in international waters over the past 3 years.