Update: Video of Norman Atlantic ferry wreckage towed to Brindisi

By Accidents

Equipped with gas masks, Italian firemen and investigators went aboard the charred Norman Atlantic ferry on Friday. They were looking to determine the causes for the grave blaze as well as search for more possible dead bodies.

The ferry was badly damaged so it had to be towed across the Adriatic sea. After 17 hours it was docked on Friday at the southern Italian port of Brindisi. A second tug was used in order to stabilize the vessel.

Even though there was a slow combustion fire still burning aboard the vessel, it was deemed as safe enough for five investigators to go on board.

Michele Angiulu, Brindisi Fire Commander, commented in front of reporters that it was simply too soon to know whether or not investigating officials will find more bodies.

“What we do know as of now is that there is a number of cars and trucks amongst other things that are still burning slowly, which could potentially go on for a long time,” he said.

The fire broke out on December 29 while the ferry was travelling from Greece to Italy. Eleven dead bodies have been reported till now. According to reports from Italian officials, 477 people were rescued, mostly via helicopters that picked them up and transported them to designated nearby boats.