188 Rescued Immigrants in 12 hours

By Curious

Two groups of immigrants were rescued in Malta individually, yesterday, a total sum of 188 people including a woman that gave birth aboard an AFM rescue vessel.
They have been catched by the Armed Forces of Malta within an interval of 12 hours.
Early in that day, the AFM have warned to a group of 136 people aboard a 10-metre long rubber dinghy which had been localized about 72 nm south of Malta.
The dinghy has been holding 86 men, 43 women and 7 children, including the baby thas was given a life onboard.
As the Armed Forces of Malta rescue vessel has been heading back to base with the migrants aboard, a pregnant woman gave a birth to another baby.
The vessel has arrived at Haywharf, Floriana, at about 3.30 a.m. And early in the afternoon, a group of 49 men, 2 women and a young girl landed at Xrobb L-Għaġin, Delimara.
The naval authorities told its rescue and coordination centre has been informed that early on Saturday morning, 2 Italian fishing boats had been diverted to the dinghy’s location to lend assistance.
A patrol vessel and aircraft were sent out and the migrants were saved from their sinking dinghy.