Update: Cemfjord debris found

By Accidents

A sonar-mounted search vessel, operated by the Northern Lighthouse Board, has located debris from the sunken Cemfjord.

Eight mariners, seven Polish and one Filipino, went missing during the weekend when the cargo ship sank in the ice-cold waters of the North Atlantic. The tragic accident was registered by the passing ferry Hrossey, which spotted the upturned hull of the Cemfjord in the Pentland Firth.

An immediate search was launched on Saturday. Since there was no trace of the crew, the operation was terminated by 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Yesterday, coastguard found the liferaft, which belonged to the Cemifjord, drifting in the waters seaming unused.

The spokesman of the German shipping company – Brise, which was operating Cemifjord, Tony Reddin, expressed suspicion that the ship was turned upside down on the bottom of the sea at about 68 metres depth.

Today a new search with the sonar has been organized to give a full vision of the situation and to start planning on how to recover the wreck.

While search missions are held for the remains of the vessel, still open is the question what was the reason for the tragedy. Redding stated they need some time to figure out what was the cause of the shipwreck, unfortunately anyone of the crew members survived to give information of what happened on board. Again sever weather conditions are blamed for the sinking, but the company investigators will look also for any other abnormalities which might took part in losing control over the ship.

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