The first ever underwater city causing quite the buzz among designers

By Curious

The first underwater city may be on its way, which means that your next-door neighbors will quite likely have scales and dorsal fins.

A Japanese firm called Shimizu Corporation is presenting aquatic architecture as a possible solution to the problem experienced by coast cities regarding rising sea levels. According to a recent statement by the company, the project they are proposing will cost around $26 billion and will have the potential to house 5, 000 residents inside of a 500-meter sphere city, that will float in the deep sea waters like a futuristic spaceship.

The project’s name is Ocean Spiral.

“We are turning on a new page from past patterns displayed by land development, which typically focus on efficiency. Our intentions about this project are to promote real sustainability all the while managing to maximize the use of all the resources of the deep sea” write the designers.

At the moment, they are cooperating with Japanese universities and national agencies in order to work out some of the numerous details.

Ballasts will be used in order to tether the city to the ocean floor. According to diagrams, a sea wall will be incorporated to protect the city from larger waves. Shimzu is also aiming to make the city livable in every way possible – fisheries which would provide food for the residents, a desalinization filter that would provide fresh water, power generated by the use of thermal energy conversion and reuse of carbon dioxide emissions by microorganisms that live on the sea floor – are just a few of the things the company is planning.

It is true that the project seems a bit fantastical when you compare it with the current land-based environment in which we live, but the company insists that it is achievable and is exploring different methods for building the underwater concrete structure.

Images: Shimizu Corporation