Maritime Safety Award of Lloyd’s Register and the Royal Institution of Naval Architects

By Curious

A well conceived plan, a thorough construction and resultant implementation are the initial elements of the protection of the sailors and the maritime surroundings.

People engaged in the design, construction and operation of marine vessels are the ones that greatly support safety. RINA in collaboration with Lloyd’s Register have the desire to turn their attention to the feats of engineers resulting in better safety and protection. This focus is necessary because it will increase constructors’ popularity and contribute to further advancements.

RINA and Lloyd’s Register grant the Maritime Safety Award every year. They choose an individual, company or organization according to maritime safety and protection criteria that outline a contribution. It describes a specific activity or involvement over time. Self-nominations are not allowed and the nomination procedure for the 2014 Maritime Safety Award is now open.

The description of nominations must be the maximum of 750 words. This should include either the contribution to safety and protection of life and environment (by means of new and advanced ship’s design or construction) or the safety improvement (by means of management, regulation, legislation or supply of codes, standards and research, teaching and training).

The deadline for nominations is the end of January 2015. The Award will be made public at the 2015 Annual Dinner of RINA.

The 2013 RINA – Lloyd’s Register Maritime Safety Award was awarded to Nick Quarmby, UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), for his work in initiating and putting into effect a significant improvement in tanker safety.

Source: RINA