Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS (Shearwater) announces the successful completion of the carbon storage survey project for TotalEnergies in the Danish North Sea.

​Shearwater announces completion of successful carbon storage survey project

The survey covers a CO2 geological storage license awarded to TotalEnergies in February of this year. It marks another successful carbon storage survey for Shearwater in a growing string of seismic for storage surveys.

Irene Waage Basili, CEO of Shearwater, stated, “Carbon capture and storage is key to achieving net zero targets and Shearwater is committed to playing its part in enabling this technology to scale. We are pleased to be working with a number of clients on seismic for storage projects. Together with our clients we are learning what this emerging market requires in terms of data. Shearwater brings its extensive operational experience and technology tool kit to this dialogue. With each project we expand our understanding and build on our capabilities and experience. We will continue to deploy our expertise and our technology in this emerging market to provide our clients the data they need to make better decisions about their reservoirs."

In the last two years Shearwater has secured multiple seismic for storage acquisition projects across multiple countries. The projects have been diverse and required different solutions to achieve the high-resolution imaging needed for evaluation of reservoirs for storage application. Shearwater has successfully utilised hybrid methods with both towed streamers and nodes, new acquisition geometries and worked closely with third party bathymetric service providers for high-resolution data to analyse the seabed and shallow geology in shallow water environments. In addition to acquisition, Shearwater has secured several projects processing and reprocessing data for storage applications.